Sunday, January 7


Looking at people's year reviews I thought 'hmm I dont think that much eventful stuff has happened for me'. So then I flicked through my diary...I suppose stuff did happen. To describe it in one word, I think this year was - involved.

Jan: Began blog. Reached 21 yrs of life yet still felt like an immature kid that I was at 15. Began researching topics for my honours year at uni. Continued with leading Girls Brigade, taking on the same girls as last year but now in Yr 8.

Feb (Term 1): Began assisting with SPY CE - youth group for Yr 4-6 girls. Went off to Tassie and Melbourne with Lou, while there I saw Blue King Brown - my first gig ever.

March: Whole church weekend away at Toukley. Went to Ricky n Stacey engagement party.

April: Made and attended Bec n Tristan's wedding. Saw the Whitlams - first gig ever, in Sydney.

May (Term 2): Graduated from uni for undergrad degree. Went to Josh Pike n Bob Evans gig. Assisted with Kid's Church on Sunday mornings for the term, taking Kindy to Yr 1. Got my full license.

June: Co-planned an elaborate birthday kidnapping, which failed and resulted in the eye popping incident. Went to Lior gig. Attended Daniel n Kat's wedding. Bible study group holiday to Anna Bay. Finally got ethics approval for my research, after 3 attempts.

July (Term 3): Went to Gerling gig and Eskimo Joe gig. Began helping out with minding the little kids in creche for our 6:30 church service, every few weeks. Went to movie premier of You, Me and Dupree with Saby.

August: Saw Umbilical Brothers show. Attended Chris n Alicia's wedding. Went to The Audrey gig.

Sept: Failed initial research testing at the school. Second testing completed but with glitches.

Oct (Term 4): Went to Love Outside Andromeda gig. Co-led Kid's Church for the term, taking the preschoolers. Became the main leader for SPY CE for the term. Handed thesis in. Bible study group holiday to Nelson Bay.

Nov: Complete final uni assessment ever.

Dec: Went to beach camp with GB and other youth at Anna Bay. Went to Dappled Cities Fly gig and The Panics gig. Received surprisingly great uni result. Took on a bit of acting for our church's Christmas Carols service, which was surprisingly enjoyable and went well. Discovered that someone had like me for quite a while...I had liked them for quite a while too. *blush*

Overall, the primary things that occupied last year was church, kids and music. An excellent combo I think. Now that uni is all over and I look for a job this year, I wonder how much time I will have for these things that I have found out arent as scary as they initial seemed. And I'm glad that I feel somewhat more competent in doing these stuff.

I think I might have grown afterall...aside from the horizontal directional of my stomach.

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James said...

yay for whitlams gig and beach camp :)