Wednesday, April 5

Congrats Bec & Tristan

Bec & Tristan's wedding cake

it's done. there arent many dramas to report, surprisingly. just the usual dryness of icing leading to cracks. and my cutting of supports too short leading to slightly sinking cake leading to cracks. and the usual pokage on the icing. there's almost 3kg of icing there u know...its done. i've braved the 3 tier.
woke up this morning with sore muscles. i guess i did give them a bit of a workout again. considering i was in the kitchen for about 7ish hrs or so. good fun getting dusted in flour though. btw, found out that regular brooms dont make good long rolling pins. they're too skinny and puny. yes, i actually tried. but u can get proper metre long ones. i think i'd like it simply for the novelty of it. along with the giant wooden spoon, fork and knife we've got.

but otherwise, as i said nothing overly exciting. i think i'm happy with it. i'm glad the flowers werent too hard, it's all still kinda plain. i feel like i should be more excited or something. like a some sort of sense of achievement. typical, im just thinking of the 1cm thick icing layer. i hope ppl know they dont have to eat that bit. least not all of it. it's probably also the worry of delivery. the only time i truely drive sensibly is when i have cake. i need a sign 'cake on board'. (no pun intended) hmm, but then ppl might try to get it...maybe not.

Frangipani close up


chocolatesuze said...

ohhh so so PREEETY!!!!

thuy said...

WOW amie, your cake looks awsome! that looks like something u would buy from an expensive cake place! Great job -_-