Monday, February 20

Celebrating food experiences

I went away to Hobart and Melbourne in the past week and had a jolly good time, there were a few little dramas here and there, but u get that. Foodwise there wasn’t that much that I found to be of earth-shattering greatness in taste. I realized through the week that it’s not so much about the food eaten that I enjoy, but more the actual experience of eating. (This compensates for my lacking sensory skills) Ok there were SOME good tasting moments but not many.

At Mt Wellington I had a Mound Burger. Oh my, this was superb for a takeaway burger. The patty was just the right thickness, the egg cooked to the right not-over-doneness, flavoursome tomato chutney – possibly homemade, FRESH beetroot, good ol’ mayo n mustard and to top it off the perfect saltiness from the bacon. MmMmm. It was just what I needed.

We found a 24hr bakery!! Woo for fresh bread, or is it? It’s bread nevertheless and very available. Oh and next door was a store named “Say Cheese”. Cute.

I found a Woolworths which was somewhat unexpected. It brought me such joy to get my fresh fruits. Lacking fruit and vege makes for an extremely unhappy inadequate Amie. I can not live with them. The best thing about them is that u don’t have to do anything to them, full of juicy taste. They are perfect as they are *sigh*

Chicken shop in Huonville

About the food experience thing, I’m not normally one for hot chips but the wedges I had on Regatta Day were like chunks of gold. I don’t think there was anything particularly special about them really. But there can be nothing better than being huddled up outdoors on a freezing cold night overlooking the water, listening to a band while munching on burning hot fat wedges, feeling the warmth slide down ur throat and to ur stomach. THAT’s when u should eat them.

My sweet beloved fruit

I have found heaven. My fruit heaven anyway. That is Sorell Fruit Farm, well any orchard would do I’m sure. For 5 bucks Lou and I picked our own fruit. There were apples and nashi pears ½ - ¾ the size of tennis balls. And strawberries and raspberries were in season. It was funny cos as u go to pick some, little crickets would go flying about everywhere. Just the mere fact that I was there brought me much happiness, like a little kid skipping about. Later when I actually ate the fruit, I was in fruit heaven again. Besides the apples, they were all sooo sweet. Just cos they were small, didn’t mean that that they lacked flavour. MMMMMm. My lot lasted me a few days and every time I ate some I was transported to happyland.

From experience, I do not recommend mixed beans on bread roll with nothing else on it. Self inflicted pain, yet I ate it all. Although tuna in sweet chilli sauce with a roll, sitting on a rock next to Lady Baron Falls on a sunny day was super.

Lunch time viewing (Lady Baron Falls)

Another fantastic eating moment. Hand-made hot hot pizza with ‘the lot’ on a chilly day sitting by a wharf/pier/lookout place next to the water. Ah, the perfect setting. The scavenging seagulls got not a crumb from me. After they scabbed some spaghetti that Lou had dropped they were seriously surrounding me. When I think about it, pizzas are actually quite ugly looking, with all those greasy burntish looking bits. I didn’t think too much about the flavour, it was good I guess, but in such a environment I was more just enjoying the moment.

I tried Tom Yum sushi. I forgot that it’s spicy. Not a fan of the taste at all but thought it was worth trying something different. Also different for me, I tried bubble tea for the first time ever. Oh my, it is sooo good. I had honeydew with milk with the blobby bits, wow. And as ur sucking them up the fat straw it’s a little weird but Mmm. I’m definitely gonna have to try more. Cold sweet drink, hot lazy day; perfect.

We did actually eat out properly for one night. My tortellini alla panna was a good initially but then I began analyzing. I liked the creamy sauce amount but later it became a little too rich. The bacon was very salty and I ended up picking out the pasta and mushrooms. The entrée size was huge. Why must they do that? Oh the over-indulgence and wastage.

Melbourne has soo many eateries. Oh the cafes. But as with the restaurant it’s probably more the name and setup of the café that would appeal to me. Foodwise, not much attraction. I would eat a place based on it presentation and many funky designs there were, esp in St Kilda and Lygon St. There was an icecreamery called Trampoline, they had bright funky seats out on the pavement. Ooh and icecream party! I love IKEA looking style of things.

OOOH! I was soo excited as well when I found the cake decorating store. they had fantastic displays at the front. oh so beautiful. it really made my day. that plus my almond custard roll from the asian bakery. once again its not that the bread was particulary super. i just love the bakeries, and spying (in admiration of course) at the bakers as they do their magical work.

And that was the food side of the trip. I spent about $70 on food for the week. I really do prefer my cheap eats. Much more satisfying.


chocolatesuze said...

dude a store called say cheese??? was it a cheese store??? man you shouldve taken a foto of THAT!
mmm i love going raspberry picking! eat as much as you can while filling up buckets of raspberry goodness...
anyways good to know youre back safe and sound and i want to get bubble tea now!!!

thuy said...

Hey Amie,
sounds like you had a wonderful time there. i would love to go fruit picking sometime, ive never been...mmmm rasberry n strawberry... yummmy :)
newayz glad ur back -_-