Wednesday, January 3

Grandma's 77th

Some of our family, my uncle, auntie and cousin gathered together to celebrate Grandma's 77th birthday at Crystal Seafood Restaurant in Blacktown.
I didnt really find it too much of an event, atmosphere-wise. I know it sounds rude but I rarely see my uncle etc I get kinda use to not really talking to them. You'd think it'd be otherwise, hmm. Luckily they seemed amused enough and went along with my photo taking.
When the waiteress asked if we wanted a group photo, my immediate thought was to say no. Ah, the camera seems to have lost its purpose on me with all this food stuffs.

As per usual I wasnt really struck by anything. Except for the booklet-full of dishes to choose from, which was thankfully sorted out by my uncle. If it was up to me I'd be there all night.
Chopping the duckie
Duck...(Haha I'm so unfoodie. Apologies for undescriptive title)
San choy bau
Spare pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce. Mm sauce
Bean curd and fish hot pot
Beef...[something]. I love seeing the sauce bubbling away.
Red bean balls, almond biscuits, fruit
You know, asian green veges arent particularly photogenic.


Warren said...

hmm... undescriptive is that even a formalised word... firefox says no... but hey who am i to argue with the "un".

I love the description Amie!

‹switchs to french accent›
"Madam et monsieur... this dish i present to you is our finest serving for you tonight. Hand reared on only organic feed, our game is seasoned with the finest spices and herbs. We then have renowned international chefs to meticulously hand roast the game individually to ensure that all succulent juices are sealed in. I present to you ... duck"

amie said...

Heeeey. I asked you how to spell it! Thanks for the intro, least the title bluntly states what it is. Straight to the point, no nonsense. Like saying 'here is your Cow' Haha.