Tuesday, January 9


Well I can add that to my 'Been and done' list, not that I would have even thought about going to Hooters (James Ruse Dr, Parramatta) in the first place.
I'm sure most people are well aware of what to expected when dining there, even then I had to constantly remind myself why it was that I was there - uni friends hang out, to congratulate Therese on her engagment.

So you'd expect the glistening fried foods. Not just the usual oily shine like on a happy spring day but the full rays of the midday sun in summer on a beach.
They no doubt have considered this before, as evident from the numerous moist towelettes provided and rolls of paper towels on the table.

Continuing on, you'd expect the giant portions of burgers with accompanying shiny curly fries.
And sad meagre lettuce.
I wasnt quite expecting the guacomole to be spicy, or for it and the salsa and sour cream to come in plastic containers and on a plastic plate. The tortilla with cheese was fine enough. Not for 12 bucks though.

Well my low expectations of Hooters were met. Not only through the food but their general image the portray. I had no problems with their service, that was all good and fine. But I must say the spontaneous dancing, dancing on chairs, poking of birthday guests moving butts and short shorts with concerning pouch position were a little off-putting. Maybe a lot off-putting. But as I said it was expected.

I'd like to think that people dont eat there regularly, from a health and taste point of view, but I repulsively doubt it. But I dont think they are going there for the food...

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