Wednesday, July 26

Raspberry swirl cheesecake

I had some raspberries to use up, and the family agreed on cheesecake.

I had forgotten that I had made this 5 months ago. I also failed to remember how much trouble I had with the gelatine, and the raspberry and the crust. 1 star difficulty my bottom.

I had the same dramas of chunky bits of gelatine through the mix so that it didnt set resulting in a sloppy mush. Also there was the time-consuming method of scraping raspberry mush through a sieve and the crumbly messy biscuit crumbs. Even the order that I did things incorrectly was the same, like not waiting till the raspberries thawed so they wouldnt stain the cream.

My brain did suddenly kick in for a moment however. Freezing the cheesecake did the job, firming it all up nicely. So my disappointment turned to joy as it was appeared to be well received by my Small Group. Lovely.

Still dont think I'll be making it again anytime soon.

Wiggly gelatinous fun...and bubbles!

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