Tuesday, July 25

Little Rock Cafe

Today lunch time was spent with Ruth at Little Rock Cafe at North Rocks.

Moroccan Chicken Fettucine

Excess chickeny goodness

I was feeling like pasta today and 'Moroccan' sounded exciting so I thought I'd try something different. An aromatic scent wafted about, as the plate was placed before me. I was impressed. And then it occured to me, I remembered that I dont think I'm a fan of some of these spices. Cumin or tumeric or something. Oh well, it looked good so I dug in. I was right, not a huge fan. The dish itself was good; pasta al dente, good portion size, just my poor choice.

Look closely at the 'after' dish. That brownish liquid looks like sauce doesnt it? Lots of sauce. *Eerh* incorrect. That's oil. Lots of oil. No wonder digestion is a struggle again today, along with all the chicken.Ruth helped out with the chicken but the chunks were too many and my stomach has a limited capacity.

Something I dont normally think about is the service. It was really good, waiters all smily and patient as we struggled to decide. Perhaps it was brought to my attention because they had positions advertised. I get enough time to practice but I dont think I've got what it takes to be so smily 24/7. Good on to them.

Final cookie count: 15/40

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