Monday, July 31

Eskimo Joe

This week's gig is proudly brought to you by the letter B...
Saturday night at the Eskimo Joe gig.

B is for Blacktown RSL. Blacktown! My goodness, who plays at Blacktown? This must be the highlight for the year.
B is for Brilliant. The music was fantastic and the boys were so full of energy.
B is for Bogans. Including me I suppose. There wasnt really anything wrong with the crowd, they just didnt really seem into the music that much. Most just standing there. And there was the usual token drunk female that made it clear how excited they were, shoving and jumping around like crazy.
B is for Beer and other miscellaneous Beverages. Spilt all over the floor glueing my shoes to it, as is expected.
B is for Bit too close. Although I had a great view I dont think the sound came through as good. Instruments I could hear, but not the words as clear.
B is for Bumping Bums & Bags. The chick next to me had her bag on her side which kept poking my bum. I double checked that it was indeed her bag.
B is for Buddies. Lou and John that came along, excellent company.
B is for Be Back. I wouldnt mind seeing them again, once I heard a bit more of their songs which I'm pretty sure I would like.

Finally, B is for Black Fingernails Red Wine. Check out their tops song.

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