Sunday, February 26

i like to be kept cold

a happy 21st to you Saby, well for monday anyway.

if u saw a brightly dressed 17yr old lookin girl holding a pink bag preciously in her arms last night at Newtown, that would be me. and the bag would be CAKE. a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake to be precise.

as usual i set about flipping back and forth through my cook books, this cake was only rated at being 1 star, ie easy. i havent made a cold cheesecake before (as opposed to baked, which i've done only one other time). but the recipe seemed straight fwd enough. and then i began. one star my bottom.
the crumble lining was precisely that. crumbly. it didnt compact itself together. it took me wat felt like ages to get it to look reasonable.
i've only really used gelatine one other time as well. at uni. thus, i dont think i was paying much attention. or cos it was a while ago now. anyway as i was stirring it into my mixture i saw blobs. many blobs. that was not good. something about the mixture being cold and causing the gelatine to clump together. mm chewy bits. a bit like those crazy asian lollies that are super chewy and hard to get through. work it, you stomach acids.
i ended up putting too much gelatine with the raspberry puree so then it became chewy and bouncy. a little lego man would have loved using it as a trampoline i bet.
the only real joy was piping on the cream (oh mr piping bag *sigh*)
taking a decent picture was causing me grief too. but i shalln't whinge to you further about it. just me nit-picking. (still not happy with this one)

conclusion: cake look fine enough. Saby happy and squealing. cake became soft and mooshy cause it had been out for a few hrs. (i didnt mind carryin it around, it's CAKE) it was still edible, blobs disappeared, crumble became sand. Saby still happy. and thats all that matters.

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