Monday, March 21

Vincy & Jose Wedding cake

Congrats to Vincy and Jose on their wedding.

Vincy really likes cats and requested 2 affectionate cats as cake topppers. You can't see it but the cats tails also sweetly touch together.
I've enjoyed learn (and guessing) new techniques as I progress with cakes. The vines were new for me and overall I'm quite happy with how the cherry blossoms turned out. Also new for me was the progressive toning of the tiers, which I had only thought up as I was colouring the icing much to my delight.
The top two tiers are actually foam and golly that makes things so much faster, with not having to bake, level, ganache and line boards! Unfortunately my brain was being slow so I took a lot longer to do the icing than was necessary - don't ask how long -_-'
The bottom was a chocolate butter cake so that the cake cutting would look more natural. Happy days!

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