Sunday, March 27

Baking (Week 7) Puff Pastry

We're now heading into Puff Pastry in class and will be practising for a few weeks.

I don't quite seem to have mastered the skill of forming corners in my pastry and I was a little doubtful of how the puff would turn out, it's such a time consuming process! But to my surprise, although I was not quite friends with the pastry, the pastry decided to be friends with me :) The teacher was quite happy with how mine turned out, with good puff and goldenness. Hoorah.
So just for starters we made Victorias using the English method and pastry shortening.

Pretty. These can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings.
The shortening was quite gross. It was solid at room temperature which made it easy to handle and we had to roll it out like a dough. Mmm solid sheet of pure FAT. The grease really stuck to your fingers too. Another reminder of what people are eating kilos of.... Imagine their fat coated hearts. I tried some of the pastry, I suppose the mouth is happy aye...

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