Monday, March 21

Fruit based cakes

I was feeling creative and liked it when the idea of a fruit platter cake came to mind.
You get to enjoy the fruit and then you get to eat the plate too! Hehe force fed fruit :P
Presentation-wise the idea was better than how it looked because I used ganache rather than fondant but it was fun anyway. I was going to do the same by making a petite four platter and made mini lemon meringue tarts and cupcakes but these didnt end up being needed.

Dinner with school friends and I brought along a peach and berry tart for dessert. This recipe was from a Donna Hay cook book which I had been meaning to try for a while. It was ok but I'm not sure whether I'd make it again. It took quite a while to bake and appeared quite oily and chewy.

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