Monday, March 21

Baking (Week 4,5,6) More shortcrust pastry

In the past weeks we've learnt to make:
- Apple Pies: we got to be a bit creative with the decoration of this and I was quite happy with how my leaves turned out :)
- Apricot Crumble
- Coconut Tarts
- Bakewell Tarts
- Lemon Meringue Pie: There is more sugar than egg white in the meringue. And there was a mighty lot of sugar. It was pretty looking though
- Fruit Flans

It all been jolly good and tasty good now that we have been working with butter. Next lesson: puff pastry.
I saw on Better Homes and Gardens, Ed showed how to make a quick and easy pastry. Gosh if it's that easy what are we doing spending so much time learning how to make it! I guess we learn the technique and theory behind it all though. It just amused me.

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