Friday, January 1

UK - Europe Trip

Wow it's been half a year since I've blogged. Yes I did come back alive... I'll gradually post snippets of some of the goings-on that has happened since I've been back. Here goes!

Travelling to London-Scotland-Europe was quite a whirl wind adventure, so much happening in such a short space of time. I can now say I've done it, and would go back at some point.
Overall Singapore aeroplane food was quite pleasant. I was stoked to get a Cornetto ice-cream for dessert – what a luxury!
I must add, vomiting twice as the plane was near landing was manageable but not particularly pleasant and did hamper the desire to eat. So the first meal in London was a piece of plain toast!
My delicious Scottish meal of “meat pie”
Hakkie ventured out and tried the haggis, which actually was quite tasty. I can't remember what it is in it – but you probably dont want to know.
They love their Heinz sauces
Delicious goods in Harrods (curiously, cans of regular Heinz Baked Beans were also found here)
Vegetable deprivation of several days led to a dinner of 300g carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. You have no idea how happy I was.

Onto the Topdeck 20 day Europe tour the food varied depending on where we were staying. Our first experience of French food that was provided at our accommodation a little out from Paris I must say was pretty average. There was some cheesy puff pastry as entree, followed by dull chips, beans and fish. Hmm.
In Paris, one of my must-sees, a bakery.
Pastries and sweet goods were purchased (and consumed happily)
The camp food did pick up on quality depending on the location of what could be provided.
Cheese and brandy (I think), an interesting combination. The camp fondue in Switzerland had way too much alcohol tasty in it.
Heh beer cooler
Nice was nice. Saby and I splashed out and shared a bowl of mussels for entree followed by a pasta each, little were we to know how large the serve size was. We go through all those little suckers. So good.
Giant meringues?
A “slice” of pizza at the service station in Italy
Florence made me so food happy with its numerous gelaterias containing so many different types of gelatos, fruit salad cups and baguettes.
Heh Duff beer
Happy vegetable stalls in Verona

My delicious fruit salad
In a little quiet street in Venice we found the coolest menu ever, just straight to the point – the cannelloni was tasty too.
My jyumbo cookie
Menu boards not only provide information but also refuge from the Prague rain
Strawberry anyone?...(Berlin) Super!
And of course we had to go to the Lowenbrau whilst in Berlin

As I had read about, pomme frites in a paper cone (Amsterdam)
There is a Belgium waffle in there underneath all the fruit (Brugge)
Back in London, delicious crepes
The usual drooling goods at the markets

Other highlights which I havent uploaded pics of but are worth a mention:
- Sainbury's delights, I liked them more than Tesco
– jumbo sized pedestrian crossing buttons in London
– browsing foreign Maccas
– the boringest tasting yet good for a cheap feed sandwiches sold everywhere, how I longed for a proper sandwich
– The 3 pedestrian sign men in Florence
– a self flushing toilet with revolving seat
– the turnstiles to enter said toilets
– really mini mini-vans all over Europe, so cute
– tulip markets in Amsterdam
– chocolateries galore in Brugge
– we longed for (and consumed) the familiar Asian cuisine every so often

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