Saturday, January 2

Latter half of 2009 continued

It was funny, after returning from Europe I thought I had had enough of European food. But for an unknown reason, after ~12 hrs of sleep the next day I had a strong desire for cannelloni and so John went to Parra and ended up at Crinitis.
Where we got an excessively large serving of delicious spinach ricotta cannelloni with meatballs, and fettucini with meatballs. Yum! It's funny getting ask if you want meatballs as you would get asked about chips.

I also went back to Crinitis later in the year for Kim's engagement party. Where we were again greeted with huge portions! This time I chose the creamy-tomato Fettucini with roast vegies.

Someone else got a kebab and I must say there is something impressive about eating off a chopping board. Luckily we were able to get containers to take the leftovers home. Gosh I dont know how people could eat it all.

Lori's hen's night was also in Parra, starting with dessert at Max Brenners, followed by dinner at Toscani's. Mm Seafood fettucini.

My sister's ravioli was unintentionally happy.

We decided to take mum out for her birthday and went to the local “St Patricks Seafood and Steakhouse”. We pass by it all the time and thought it was perhaps time to give it ago. I was surprised that it was a little more pricey than I had expected – for Seven Hills that is. Overall it was ok, but dont think I would choose to go back. Unlike me I felt like ribs – I didnt really think of it as meat cos it's all bones and sauce. Mm pre-cooked meat and commercial jarred sauce... It was fun being a carnivore and eating with my fingers for something different.

Following a pleasant night out to hear the easy going sounds of The Lucksmiths playing for the last times we went to Bad Manors Cafe in Glebe. They have a cool old school feel about them, with their wooden benches in their cosy shop. They had tasty cheesecake and Portuguese tarts.

I had some girly time with my mum, sisters and Alicia as we headed to Canberra for the Floriade. Again such prettyness allround. There was even a wedding cake display.

I've always wondered what a Golden Gaytime tasted like, and decided today was going to be the day. I was surprised, I thought the outer crunchy bits were honeycomb but it's biscuit, so I was a little disappointed. And I think it had a bit of a friedness taste to it too, it was otherwise good.

We stayed overnight and much to my delight, as we headed to the Glassworks we found that there was a market being run next door. So of course we had to have a quaint picnic lunch before heading home. I love giant rustic loaves of bread.

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