Thursday, May 21


Lots of photos, lots of eating. Here we go...
Sister's graduation. No one had a preference for where to eat after the long formal ceremony of much clapping and hand shaking and since I felt like Japanese, again, a workmate recommended the cosy Gin-za in Parramatta. Cosy indeed. I remembered the last time I got a bento box from Tomadachi and how tasty it was so I was really looking forward to another one. Alas it appears this can be set in slightly different ways at different places. Irene got the Chicken teriyaki and I the beef, so when we both got the same fish section we were very confused. It turned out that the hot food comes in a different 'dish' section afterwards. And that it came with tempura veges so we hadn’t need to order the extra side. I had also forgotten that I wasnt THAT keen on raw fish of this sort. Silly me. It still was all tasty despite the confusion and slight disappointment from my previous Jap experience.Part 1 of Bento Box
Part 2
Mum's udon noodles with a piece of my fish

Loz’s bday at Tharen’s in Kings Cross included much fun and laughter. I looooved the quirky, bouncing about excitedly like a little kid music and mad hat swapping that went on throughout the whole night. Tasty food here as well, perhaps a little to fancy for my untrained palate. Joke and Nat even got a bottle of champagne as compensation for sitting in a squishy spot. It was an exceedingly busy night which probably was the cause of the slower rate that the food came out at than my tummy was happy with. We all left rather cheery in the end.
My 3/4 eaten bread and saladEntrees...My pork rillettes with garlic and apple (a new dish to me, not what I had expected)Fishy dishyMains...My fish and mashLauren's cake was set alight!Mmm ice-cream goodness

At work, we love our food, and I’m always impressed by the range of goods that people bring along. To celebrate the upcoming arrival of Alison’s baby, lunch was prepared in the usual all-out fashion. For the centrepiece, we had Margaret’s very cute cupcakes and my baby basket figurine.

Ronald and Brett’s birthday was celebrated at PJ Gallagher’s in Parramatta. My, it’s not that I was expecting the food to be bad, I just didn’t have very high expectations. Average. So when we got courteously served by the very helpful host, and when the food came out quick and when I caught sight of my mammoth pie, I was in awe and knew it was somewhere I think I wouldn’t mind coming back to.
The meat was actually served in a ramekin which was tops for me as I was a little hesitant about the additional kilojoules from the pastry shell that would typically be there. MMmm.
For the carnivores
Dad's early birthday lunch was Asian of course, at a little quiet place above the Good Luck Supermarket in Blacktown. So much yum (but not cha) I couldnt decide which was my favourite.

The Saturday before Mother's Day is not a recommended night to eat out. I was out with 6 friends in Penrith playing Aqua Golf which rolled on into Lonestar. It was soooo busy. I cant remember exact times but it went something like this...7pm: enter and await a table. 7:50pm: seated at a table. 8:20pm: receive salad section of meal. Some time after 9pm: receive main meal. Apparently the docket machine couldnt keep up with the amount of work and broke down. We werent sticking around for dessert, especially when Krispy Kreme's was across the road. Interestingly no one was that interested in them.
"Lonely days. Lonely nights. Where would I be without my ..."Salad! Yay for sweet potato and greenery, even if it is just iceberg lettuce. I didnt eat the cheese, it just didnt match for me.

Another work celebration, another lunch...this time the feature was Margaret fancily decorated choc cake and my wedding couple bears.

I had made a cake for the bears to go on but since Marg's cake was more suitable I cheated and kept the cake for actual dad's b'day.

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