Friday, April 17

March+April halfy (John's bday)

What was that? Oh just March flying by, taking with it a bit of April.
Highlights of 3 words or less worth mentioning:
- Enjoy London Warren (farewell)
- Val's twenty-first (yummmm salads yet again)
- Church weekend away (surprisingly some decent camp food.... some, not so sure about the poached eggs though)
- Leisurely beach walk (I recommend the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk/climbage)
- Kim & Cam's engagement
- Reluctant Pannaroti's eating (enough said)

And a highlight of many more words...John's birthday!
Oh it's fun being growned up some times :P
I had fun organising with him his family-orientated gathering and doing the catering.
On the menu tonight:
- Tartlets with corn salsa topping and either guacamole or cannellini dip
- Warm cheesy bread cob dip (John's mum made this sooo tasty)

- Warm potato salad
- Green salad
- Caesar salad
- Mixed vege quiche
- Kebabs, steak, lamb chops
- BBQ mushrooms, onions
These last two were cooked on his fangdangled new BBQ that we all pitched in to get him. He's gone from his humble single man Weber (although it is good)...
to a Mega (in comparison - for him) Feaster.
Many-a-meats to be cooked on here. Cant wait to try it out some more!
- Chocolate pavlova
- Birthday cake (carrot cake with cream cheese icing)

And here it is:

His Fender Stratocaster :)
Another very full bellied night!

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