Saturday, February 28

Cake Comp, Saby 24th

With all the floods and fires going on, we have to also remember there is still a bit of a drought going on, and so the farmers need our support.

Our office had their 3rd annual Cake Baking Competition to raise money for the farmers. This time I've had more of a chance to think about what I was going to make and thought...a roast chicken! But the more I thought about it, it'd take too long and be too difficult.
So instead I made a Steak Cake!
It's a regular chocolate cake with icing carrots and smartie peas

Other people's submissions were really good too, and my favourite one got first place in the Decorated category.
The ones in these category were auctioned off and I can't remember exactly but I think this one got sold for about $155. After some persuasion from the MC, mine got sold for $55, so I was cheering.

The other decorated ones:
This one got 2nd place I think (above)Third I think (above)
My sister had a craving for Korean so we went to Eastwood with the family. It was fun picking out the 1/3 of the piece of pork belly that was actual meat - the rest was faaat.
It's still intrigues me how many bowls are used. mm chicken teriyaki and beef. Tasty marinades.
And yumo bimbob/bimbab rice dish thing.
And happy birthday to Saby, Chinta Ria was a fantastic choice. What a tops night.
Cupcakes on Pitt.
Brett you're so funny. He asked "What's that?" and they made up his own name for them like:
Noodle mania (Hokkien Char)
Beef-a-rama (Beef Ria) - this name changed over the course of the night Meat something or other..
Rice/Fried Rice/Sanchoy Bau (Nasi goreng)

This place has great ambiance and I loved the decor. They had varying styles of chairs and they kept the local asian feel with plastic water jugs. The only challenge eating at night though is that it's dark...Trying to identify whether your eating a piece of beef or dried chilli by a dim candlelight is amusing.
Something else that amused me for quite a while was this:
Blue bowl…
Green bowl! And repeat. Flip bowl over; blue-green-blue-green. Hehe.
I recognised the Alex Liddy brand too. I have 2 plates at home. I like the design. Every table had an unplanned variety of colours. Niice!
And to top if off, a visit to the next essential part of a restaurant where bonus Amie-bouncing-up-and-down-excitedly-thumbs-up points can be gained…
How good looking is that basin? That is a mighty fine basin and the whole setup impressed me :)
I’d definitely go back, for the food too :P

Overdue post- A nicer pic of my cake from my bro’s camera:


Anita said...

What a great range of cakes! You and your work colleagues are very talented! I love the custard layer cake too.

eating monster said...

yumo bimbob/bimbab rice dish thing = Bibimbap