Saturday, January 24

My birthday week, Mitch & Val wedding

January is off to a great start, beginning with the joyous wedding of the happy Mitch & Val.
Woo...all the guys were drooling. Val got lucky and got to borrow the car for photo purposes.

The dinner buffet was yummy at Toonie Sports Club, as was the dessert. Although I'm not so sure about some of the fruit selection for the pavlova...
And along with dessert was served....
My cake :) Mitch and Val kindly asked me to make them a choc mud with choc icing in a heart shape.

I hadn't used the choc icing before so I was a tad worried but it seemed ok. It's a tad softer tan the white so it didnt seem to set as well. On the plus side this does make it easier to knead and it isn;t as over sweet as the white. I was also worried that it'd topple over but luckily Mitch remembered the cut the bottom one! I'm glad they seemed happy with it

It was soo dense though. Only the outer had crumbs, the rest was a dense fudge-like slab! But apparently people like that. Gosh the amount of choc...
Reception antics with table fiddle things...

Quite a good location. You get faced with the bright green of the lawn bowls which distances the hall from the road. The host person that we had was super friendly and helped me make sure I got all my cake belongings back.

Shortly after it was my birthday !

I had arranged to go to the beach but the weather was a little unpredictable so I opted for the safer option of indoors for sushi.
This was enjoyed...
by many...
I even got the idea to make the cake into a sushi, sort of (in case you cant tell the green is lettuce :P)
Suze led the way and showed me to the much documented store of the 32cm soft serve, where I make a complete mess of myself. As noted by the sign near the store, do not lean ice-cream to the side, it WILL fall!
All-asian-bakery-knowing Suze then led me to about all the asian bakeries in Chinatown (about 5) where I was spoilt with a few treats. Yum yum YUUM.
Thanks heaps Suze! Thanks everyone for coming! Hope you all had a good time!

Lunch did eventually digest, just in time for dinner, where John's family came over. And of course I had to have another cake!
Custard layered cake. I'm actually pretty happy with this cake considering I havent made anything of the sort before. It had many delights that make me happy: oh SPONGE FINGERS it's been years, custard, light cake, fruit and a little jelly. And it looked pretty :)
Gotta have fruit (and fun) after dinner too...

Oh happy day.

And why not continue on the relaxing and cheer? I had the following week off from work and did a bit of Sydney wandering. We caught the rivercat from Parra to the city, watched an animation Fly me to the Moon at the IMAX, and went to the aquarium.
Hello dugong. The shark tank was fantastic!
All these things we hadnt done before and was so much fun. And of course we had to end the day by watching Finding Nemo :)

It was tops going to the beach with you Suze. Maybe next time the water will be a little calmer.
Dinner was also had with Maisie and Billy at a Korean BBQ in Strathfield. Tasty. My goodness it's smoky, and again I couldnt get over the amount of plates that is used.

It was a lovely break time.


chocolatesuze said...

hahaha great post dude! how were all the buns? im sure you cut them in half to examine their innards before eating hey?

amie said...

Of course not! I cut it into FIVE pieces - for sharing :)
I'm not so sure about the green tea flavoured ball but the rest brought on a smile.