Tuesday, December 30

December 08

Oo-ah. Quick! December is nearly over!

It began off with the Boys and Girls Brigade Beach camp at Norah Head, where it was noted that my foot is about the length of a 300ml Coke bottle.
300mL! Steve, how small is it?!? :P

This was later followed by the lovely wedding of Lou and Daniel at Parra Park in the burning heat. Lovely day though.
Mm desserty arvo tea.

I had my second visit to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Parra. Not a venue I would choose but the pumpkin soup was nice enough. I even left a pretty dollop of cream, with garnish for the waiter people. I like it when you can wipe a plate clean - with bread, not tongue.
We had our work Christmas party at Mykanos (again, at Parra - I'm liking it local) The battery died before I could get more shots of the food. It had quite a nice atmosphere and community/communalness as everyone was served the same food at one time. It was very loud in there though, and some fellow diners 'danced' in a rather disturbing way (to my eyes). Hmm. Belly dancing is best left to females.
Heh. Maisie: " This fish is quite firm". Me: "It's haloumi". Oooh. It did look a little odd served on it's lonesome on the plate.

Annie's birthday:
Note, hazelnut spread is a little difficult to pipe with but it does the job if you've going nothing else. I wasnt in the mood for anything extravagent and so kept it simple with a standard choc cake.
Another example of our unextravagentness...
Matches for candles. Hey they still work.

On her actual birthday we took her out to Spice Iam, a Thai restaurant in ...you guessed it, Parra. Food was tasty, even Mum and Dad enjoyed it. I didn't get round to photos of the curry, but you know what they look like. My favourite was the Beef Masman, not just because of the potatoes in it but also the tender meat.
I ate Maccas again! *gasp* Although soft serves sort of don't count, I think. It didnt feel complete finishing the night without dessert, and since we had to go to Maccas anyway to drop Ryan off, he shouted us. Mm it's been years since I've had a soft serve, and to top it off with a Twirl too! How indulgent. I could have stopped at halfway, but I didnt.
Later that week John and I had a most lovely dinner at the little Fare Nosh in Summer Hill. The service was as fantastic as the food. The waiter was so friendly and helpful, advising on serving sizes and assisting with wine selection. I also like how the menu was short so that quality goods are made with the rotation, and it makes it soo much easier for me to decide on a dish. It really isnt the place where they are pumping people through the doors. You can sit, relax and enjoy the evening. It's definitely got the thumbs up from me. We found were appealed by them through the 2007 Good Food Guide, and it turns out they are in the 2009 editiion as well, so that's gotta be saying something.
Entree: Lamb kofta with baba ganoush and tzatziki
His main: Crumbed veal with red wine sauce (or something along that line)
Soo much fish. Dory(?) coated with pesto, wrapped with filo pastry and hollandaise sauce. Yummm

Once I saw the name of this I knew we were going to get it... Piglets Plate! Oink oink, you betcha!
Citrus pudding, flourless chocolate cake with berries, something ice-cream, vanilla bean panna cotta. Yum yum yummmmm.

And cos I don't have to do (not!) I decided to make gingerbread houses for my team at work.
I ran out of dough so some of them became more lolly houses than biscuit.
And then there's Christmas!
But I'll spare you. I'm pleased to say I didnt go overboard (I think, although I was quite full) We didnt do anything too fancy, had a BBQ and just enjoyed.

Cheers. Merry Christmas and Hapy New Year to you all.
Here we go, 2009...

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Warren Yu said...

Boo.. you should have included Christmas photos in there as well! That was the best one of the lot.

Mucho food and gingerhouse eating from what i recall.