Saturday, November 15

Port Stevens, Bridge Climb

I ate McDonalds
Yes it's true.
With a grand total of 2 bites of a McFeast, approx. 6 fries and approx 40ml sip of lemonade being consumed. I was a little hungry, but it was late so that was enough for me.

John, his brothers and I had gone on the Bridge Climb, which was fantastic, and hadn't had time for dinner. We went on the Discovery Climb in the evening and the view was fantastic. There were even fireworks going off in the harbour that we got to enjoy at the top of the bridge. It was top stuff (excuse the pun), The daytime climb would be just as good I'd imagine seeing far into the horizon.

I also went to Port Stevens with my GB girls, the activities were well chosen sot hey had lots of fun. We walked/climbed (part of it was rather steep) Mt Tomaree with great views of the bays around. Oh the trauma for some "I'm gonna die", "I'm so thirsty" haha, fresh air, get it into ya.
Then we went off to Oakvale Farm. I was a little sckeptical at first thinking 'gee a farm" but it was really good. There were so many animals every. I even went on a camel ride.
After lunch, a dolphin cruise followed. It took a little while but we did evenetually spot 4 dolphins much to all the girls excitement. Even though I couldnt see the dolphins the whole time you could tell where about it was depending on which side of the boat the screams of delight were coming from. It had been a big day, that had begun around 6:15am so the girls were wore out at nicely. Sleep at 10pm with any complaint? Super.

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