Sunday, October 26

Railway, Sculpture, Wedding

Let's cake it up, firstly...
The wedding cake: Julie & Rod

Ahh. Another happy day seeing a lovely couple with so much joy and love for each other.
I got it easy this time round. Their friend made the fruit cake and all I had to do was decorate it. Julie chose frangipanis as her flowers for the wedding which was good for me and I experimented by adding a touch of pink to them. Overall I was happy with it and they seemed to be too. Gosh I woke up at 5:20am that morning though worrying about it! Oh cake dilemmas :P

Next,the multiple occasion cake: Mixed Berry Cheesecake

Not only was it my bro's birthday cake but also the 'welcome back home from holidays parents and sister' cake.
It also served the double purpose of being dessert and cake. Yumm.

Congrats to Lori and Aron on their engagement.
It was a tasty mud cake. I tried it for 'research' purposes. I have to remember to aim for this moistness and texture next time I make a mud cake.

Other food: Lowenbrau's Casaer with Chicken Schnitzel
Meh. I dont think I'm a schnitzel person.

But something I certainly did enjoy was Bite Me burgers at Bondi
A trolley! How novel. I even enjoyed eating the chippies, which I wouldnt normally!
The Bloody Mary and Vegetari-Ann mini burgers were super tasty too.
After our meet up for lunch it was onto the Sculptures by the Sea.
I didnt notice at first but this isnt any soldier, but a toy soldier. Note the seams if you go.
"Feed me. Quack"
It was good and you can see a lot of talent in the art but I didnt enjoy it as much as I did last year. There seemed to be less too. Maybe it was because there wasnt really any food ones :P
More cool art: The Sydney Model Railway Exhibition at Hurstville.
I was originally going primarily to hang out with John and his family but it really caught my interest. It wasnt so much the trains itself but the scenery and placement of the pieces. All that fine detail that people go into to place every tree, log, rock is amazing, you could look at it for hours and still see something new.
I loved the Lego one, it was huge. Look, a little pub with jug and all.
I took this pic for you Suze. Familiar ? :)I learnt something new too. The models aren't all the same small size. There's small and there's teeny-weeny From having ~40mm short people to ~10mm short people!

And as small as it is you cant help but see the intsy-wincy toilet paper.

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