Tuesday, September 30

Home Alone


Mum, Dad and one of my sister's have gone overseas for some time away in Hong Kong / America for 2 weeks leaving my other sister and I fend for ourselves. It's the first time that we've ever had the house totally to ourselves so it's very exciting. So we thought we'd make the most of the opportunity and invite some friends over for lunch.

I was really looking forward to catering for Chris & Alicia and Emma & Craig on Sunday. After a few hours of thinking and straining I was finally able to put together a menu I was satisfied with, with Irene's help.
- Pumpkin & fetta tarts
- Nachoes
- Honey Soy Chicken
- Hot Potato Salad
- Caesar Salad
- Garden Salad

Followed by my Apple Crumble with Ice-cream
Yum Yum Yum.

For once I was actually very pleased with how it all turned out. Chicken was cooked throughly and tender, not bad for a first attempt. Aside from serving 1/2 hr after I had intended to, it all worked out well and everyone enjoyed the food and each other company.

I didnt feel like it was an excessive amount of work - I was tired by the end though. Ready to do it again next weekend...perhaps less dishes though. The novelty of it does wear out a little bit.
Hoorah for left overs too, though it does seem to last quite a while with only 2 people!

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