Friday, September 5

Mum's bday, Pre-Father's day

Last month in August...

Took mum to Wollongong just for a little trip out and about for a change. It probably would have helped if I looked up the directions of actual places of interest, but we eventually came across the Botanical Garden.
Lots of cactus
We found the beach and lighthouse eventually.
Random lollies for mum to taste teste from Abla Pastry in Granville. the idea was novel but upon tasting I dont think these suit our unfamiliar tastebuds. A tad to rose watery and gingery and the like for us.

We decided to take dad out for Father's Day early since we'd be potentially busy and to avoid the crowds on the actual day. From previous experience and conversations, buffet seemed like a safe option that would appeal to his asian preference. Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL had been mention by Suze and we had already been to Blacktown before, so we thought we'd give it a try. The food was ok, nothing to complain about. They had a wide range of food in general (not the salad though). It's good, I can just take small samples to taste.
First plate of tasting: American ribs, salty squid, miscellaneous seafood mornay, roast beef, potato and my joy-bringing pumpkin and peas. Peking duck in the background.

For me the overall experience wasnt ideal. I didnt know that they had 2 sessions and that booking was preferrable so when we rocked up it felt like we were there, then we were gone. This was not helped by my slow eating and slow decision making. It wasnt very conducive to conversation either, with the crowded foodcourt-feel, not that that's really too much of a problem for our silent family though I suppose.
Second plate of samplings: various salads, cooked veges, BBQ pork, yuk mongolian lamb, yum honey chicken
Gosh I found fried ice-cream to be a bit over-rated. It certainly was fried, you can taste the oil.
Unfortunately due to time limitation I dont feel that I had a good crack at the desserts. Mm the sago pudding I did enjoy.


chocolatesze said...

lol yeah all i ended up eating was the peking duck and i piled on about 3 slices of duck per pancake... dessert i found to be realli disappointing too

James said...

Mongolian Lamb is not yuck!
How dare you say that, Amie!!

amie said...

Oh no. Mongolian lamb IS good...typically. Just that this one was not.