Sunday, September 14

Kangaroo Valley

It was about time I took a holiday, and after quite a while of indecision I finally set my mind to going to Kangaroo Valley. Saby and Karina kindly joined me on the little adventure.
Whilst heading down past Wollongong we came across the sign for the Nien Tien Temple and thought, why not.Beware! Little men are watching your every move from the carpark. Waiting to...*chop* Luckily they're carrying too much weight to move very far.It was quite enjoyable driving through the narrow bendy roads through the mountain and seeing so much greenery. Luckily I didnt have any troubles with cars behind me wanting to go faster. And it was a good thing I was going slow because at one point there was wombat right in the middle of the road. It was sooo cute. We finally made it to Kangaroo Valley and had dindins at the good ole local Friendly Hotel. I got the scrumptous beef and red wine pie with mash and mushy peas, with my choice of mushroom sauce.
A hearty steak for Karina and schnitzel for Saby.

The next day we wandered about the quaint little town, browsing the local art galleries, lolly shop and cafes. It's so nice and peaceful there and the people are so friendly. There are a variety of activities available to do, one including hiring out mountain bikes. It's been years since I've been on a bike but as they say, you dont forget how too, even if you are a little wobbly to begin with.And after a couple of hours of riding about (albeit slowly), as promised to Saby, it was off to the Ice-creamy. Yumm. On the bottom left is my ONE scoop of English Toffee ice-cream. My goodness, as the girl added the second blob on I double checked that she had heard me correctly, which she had. Gosh imagine going for the 3 scoops, you'd need 2 cones! We also sampled and purchased some tasty home made fudge here. Oh so good.We thought we'd head further a field for dinner this time and went to Nowra. After winding up and back down through another mountain we came to the town centre. And found nothing... There didnt appear to be any main strip of restaurants which was a surprise, and when we asked the check-out chick at Priceline she confirmed that there wasnt really anything. She suggested West and North Nowra, saying there may be more there. Off we went again...~30mins later we had still found nothing. Returning back to where we started, in the same carpark mind you, bright lights lit up a seafood restaurant *slaps forehead* Well at least we found something eventually.
:( I made a poor choice. I thought no I dont want fried food and ordered the Thai Fishcakes with spicy cucumber salad.Not only was it fried but a processed patty as well. I didnt finsh it. Least the spicyness was bearable.
All packed up, we went inland to head back home stopping by the Fitzroy Falls. Pretty. And passed through the town of Robertson.
It's a big pooooo-tatoooo! Heh heh. Heh
And made a scone stop. Mmm.
We were so pumped to make Kiama our final pit stop but unfortunately we didnt make the correct turn and in Wollongong before we knew it. Oh well, maybe another time.
It was great to have a break, hmm where should I go next? The only kangaroo I saw on the entire trip to Kangaroo Valley :P

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