Friday, August 1

Breakfast,salad & market happies

Hello computer.

I was so excited about this breakfast. I remember sitting so contently on my own thinking "This is tops, having time to cook a yummo breakfast and take my time to enjoy it" It's nothin special really but leisure time is definitely appreciated.
Attempted (not quite a) poached egg on toast with tomato mix and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Yummo.

My boss made a super dooper giant pavlova for a work lunch since one of the team were leaving for a few month to have a baby. She put pink Persian fairy floss on top of the cartons of cream and strawberries. Mmm creamy.
We had a feast of delights. QA know how to put on a spread and make surrounding fellow-lunchers drool.
Authentic paella, alternative nachos, various quichettes, cheese puffs, homemade sausage rolls, yummo thai curry puffs, real tabouli and a spicy beef curry (Ithink that's what it was).
Happy engagement Mitch and Val. I had a great time, people-wise and food-wise. They had an array of salads and 2 trays of meat. Oooh so much greenery makes me happy.
And I finally caught Suze at one of her markets - Rouse Hill. Good collection of stalls there. We picked up some duck, fetta and kumquats. The shops themselves were good. Mum quite liked the food market near Coles, they had a huge selection of cheeeese. I had fun browsing the other gourmet-ish goods.

Cool marshymellows

Phoarr! Look at the nuts on that bread. Oooh yeah.

(Think clean ppl!)

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