Thursday, July 10

21st's and Suze engagement

Bits and pieces of things happening, but generally not much...

Happy 21st Irene! Have a cheese cake!
I was happy enough with it and would make it again but with a little tweaking. Liiiike using chocolate chunks! I prefer low fat recipes that I've tried over the full fats.

And Happy Engagement Suze and Noods. Thanks for having me over :)

And Happy 21st Kim.
Mm cakey.

It was evident that purple and blue were her favourite colours.

It was a dress up as someone/thing fictional, and after some thought I decided to go as Jill (without Jack). As I did a last minute scrounging about it turns out that we had no buckets that werent filled with water. So was just an oddly dressed person. Ah well, the thought was there and the fun had.

Haha, this was in the hall. "For animal fats and vegetable oil fires"
Heh heh. Fire. Heh. Let's like make a fire. Heh. What's around? Oh canola oil. Yeah. Bacon fat. Yeah. Heh heh.
Golly it's most likely just me but I dont really hear of many vege oil fires about. It's just so specific, but understandable. It amused me for a second.

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