Friday, June 13

Balmain Patisserie

Me: Let's go somewhere! We have an extra day to relax!
John: Ok, where?
Me: I dunno
John: There a train show on at Epping
Me: Um..
John: How about a movie, Indiana Jones?
Me: Erm..
John: How about bowling?
Me: mm...
John: ....Well that's 3 things I've suggested so far
Me: ...??????....*stressed frown*
John: What about that cupcake shop that you were talking about.
Me: Eh? Oh the one that Suze had gone to? The patisserie in Balmain, not cupcakes. Yeah, I like the sound of that.
John: And then we can do lunch there too, see what's around.
Me. Super! Good thinking, let's go. Now what was name of the place again? It was a funny name of some sort.

Adriano Zumbo - the Patissier
The pressure of having to decide "quickly" prevented me from actually reading what was in the goodies were called and what was in it (Suze has covered them all anyway :P). I was engrossed by their pretty, artistic and complexness. You can really see the care that has gone into making them. Although, they don't look too attractive when you cut it up to eat (especially when trying to cut each into 6 pieces for sharing), but it goes into your tummy so quick your eyes don't notice too much. Sometimes (most times) I'm happy enough to eat things with my eyes though.

The rain prevented us from wandering too far down Darling St but Olive Cafe seems like a cosy enough of a place.
The cannelloni was out of stock and so I went with the quickly recommended spinach pie which sounded tasty.
However this doesn't look like a pie to me...closer to pide maybe...
It was tasty though and I enjoyed it. Could have done with a bit of fetta/ricotta or tomato based sauce, but seeing that it was a side dish I suppose not. The bread was super soft though. Mm bread.
Balmain is nice for a wander and admiring houses too. Came across an oh-so-cute mini. I just wanted it hug it and fit it into my pocket.


James said...

my mini's cuter :)

Thanks for inspiration... I've always wanted to go discover Balmain/Rozelle and it's cafes and patisseries and coffee. Now I *really* want to!

Hope all is well Miss Amie!

chocolatesuze said...

hehehe balmain is awesome! i want to live there one day i love all its random cafes and shops! glad you found the zumbo dude!