Saturday, June 7

Mum day, Suze

Happy Mother's Day!
Have some teppanyaki for a new food experience Mum. It was my first time too. Off we went to Eastwood, we went to a different place to where we had initially booked for since the only spot they had available was on the floor (cant remember the name of either). Hello various meat.
Hello seafood.
It was a different experience. So many bowls and plates.
Lots of demanding of plates to be brought round as meat cooked to make sure everyone got a taste. And there was no hello for the noodles as it turns out that there was none when our host followed up on the order once we have pretty much finished eating. A very friendly and helpful waiter she was though.
It required a lot of concentration for us, so it didn't have the greatest atmosphere and so it wasnt exactly fulfilling. It felt like we were there for 1/2 hr.
Going off to dessert at Homer's solved that!
Mm ice-cream & sticky date

mm my scrumdiddleumious pancakes
Smiles all round.
The weekend after, a lovely time away with our bible study group. Ah peace and quiet...(beware the security :P)
And it was there I found my dream toilet seat cover. Smooth polished red wood. Cuuum-fy
Then rolling on into the evening for celebrations. I was such a sleepyhead.
Happy Birthday Suze. Your cake tin was pretty funky.
It was my first time having degustation and so I wasnt quite sure what to expect. Apparently from what I've read I'm suppose to be having flavours exploding in my mouth. Hmm I suppose my tastebuds had fallen asleep too. It was tasty enough though.
And I think degustations are just too much food for me to appreciate at one time. I'm happy to keep things simple. Snippet:
Hm lingering sea breath
Chicken & zucchini flower
Pannacotta. YUMo
And now for Suze's present! I was very excited.

Here is tuna...
Here is rice.
Put them together...For something nice.
(It's a sushi)

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