Saturday, March 15

Buffets, Bdays

And finally some scheduled wasting time. This post is dedicated to you Suze :P

Quite a bit of food oing on this 1 and 1/2 months. Here we go. Let's try to keep you awake with minimal text and restricted "mmm"-ing.

Experiment: Roasting pork in the Weber (BBQ). Outcome: Tasty but dont try roasting veges.

A snapshot of High Tea at the Swissotel. Highly rated. Doesnt look like much food displayed but by the end of it you'll be rolling through the doors.

From right to left: guava JUICE, mango JUICE, lychee JUICE, cola JUICE (a had to be there moment)
At this point I must add, the toilets get a 5-flush rating rating. Fantastic, definitely an asthetically pleasing design. The cubicles are for giants...*restraining from further detail waffles that solely amuses me* Point being, I'd go again for them...and the food.
On the buffet theme, the next week out west : Blacktown RSL for a farewell lunch.
I went into a bit of a work mode as I was chewing the potato cube that was a bit too firm for my liking. But I managed to resist the urge to reach for the serviette and discard it. Nice mousse though.

It's not for any particular reason, but I noticed that I only ate 2 small pieces of 'meat'. I'm just not drawn to meat. There's limited colour unlike veges. Which is probably why this top appealled to me...

Oh my cute happy Veggie friends! It's not true, I do eat meat, hence my scrawlled additions.

And then there's an abundance of meat at Almustafa's Lebanese on Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe; for Saby's birthday.

All very good. You've got your usual tasty baba ganoush, hommous, tabbouli; lamb kebab, lamb sausages, lamb rice, lamb mince, lamb lamb, and my choice of beans...with lamb :P

We had a cake comp at work to raise money for the drought relief, and here was my submission (Choc-vanilla butter cake).
I was thinking about it all week, and as per usual I was disappointed with myself (I was also limited by time). Especially when you compare it to cakes like these - for ppl that do make the time:

One that was auctioned off looked ugly but it was a matter of size, giant piles of solid rich chocolate can still be a go-er. And you have your usual cupcakes and iced cakes. Margaret took pity on my and bought my cake for your team. Very kind of her.

One home-made goodie that I actually was proud of and would make again was my strawberry tartlet for Chris and Alicia. Made with fresh strawberries and fruit bread. MMM :)

(Congrats to Loz and Cristian on their engagement too - mainly just got ppl photos)

The end..
for another month or 2.

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