Saturday, February 2

Happy Australia Day

Ah, a lovely day for burning sausages, burning skin and drink beer (if you like beer).
Hooray for wholesome fun organised by Sydney city. It was off to the Rocks for free live music by great bands.

Dan Kelly. First time I've seen him perform, was the highlight of the day for me, despite the purposeful coarse language. Look a uke! though bigger than I prefer.

Also watched Kate Miller-Heidke and Angie Hart.

And Something for Kate.
Lunch was had at Zia Pina Pizzeria. The spaghetti bolognaise and ravioli was well received, but the pizza was a tad bare. Tasty enough though I suppose. There is a place that I dont mind the look of in the Rocks called Dare (Delicious and Responsible Eating). Every time I go past there always so many people. And can I pass the marketing of 'responsible eating' and in-store baked goods? Next time maybe.

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