Wednesday, January 16

Bday snapshot

Hoorah for a dragged out week of birthday celebrations, for me alone. Ah to feel relaxed and carefree.

Saturday it was the family birthday dinner but early. This doubled as a reason for John and my family to meet for the first time. Oooh ahhhh. All went along fine and dandy. Happy days. It was interesting just to know that pretty much the whole of both families were present.

As per usual, Mum prepared a feast. This consisted of San choy bao, salmon, satay type chicken dish, beef and black bean (I think), mixed beans and mushrooms and of course, rice. John's mum also brought over a yummy lasagna.
I shared my cake with John's mum as her birthday is not long after mine. (Banana & walnut cake, it turned out bigger than what the cake tin seemed to be).

For my actual birthday I organised to go to Pho Ben in Parra just cos I had a hankering for an ice kachang. It wasnt quite how I had remembered it, but hey the anticipation and excitement through the week was there. I actually ended up getting the ice chendol to be "adventurous" (on the right)
Here Natalie treated me with her own home baked cake. Very kind of her, and no it didnt look blobbish to me. This was cake number 3 for me. My boss kindly bought me a cake in at work, even going for the fruit based one cos they know I like fruit.
Bring on Days off on Friday! And hoorah for being able to spend them at the beach. There's an excellent salad bar at Coogee. I'd go back just for that.

Roll onto Saturday for more relaxation. John and I finally had a our 1 yr dinner (about a month late, just like how we had our 6mnth late), this had at Coast Restaurant in Cockle Bay Wharf. Nice view, good food, friendly staff.

Mm bread. I know ppl enjoying dipping into oil, but it just seems like oil (think greasy fried goodness) to me.
Main sized Pumpkin & ricotta gnocchi in burnt butter and sage. It's actually intended as an entree. Hmm would have been better as it as recommended, just looked somewhat lacking. My bad. Should have gone with the Sydney Festival food deal with the barramundi (Look it up, yummy food to be had!) Still, I did fill me up and was really like soft creamy pillows. Yum.
Slow cooked lamb with spinach and potatoes. I had my eye on this originally and my, it was tasty.
Mm Leaf salad. They look a little lonely...

And to follow on, Jazz in the Domain with cheeeese and muscato. MmMmm.

Just when you think it's over! I was told that we were going to Cabramatta for lunch. This doesnt look like Cabra to me...

Waaah. How tops is Suze. It turned out to be a surprise party!

Knowing how excited I was about the ice kachang she prepped up her home ice shaver for me! We all gave it a go.
The fruits of our (or more precisely, the boys) labour...Yuuum.
More dessert, Suze's specialty (with self serve decorating).
And finally, cake number 4. Certainly a pretty one. thanks Nat.
My friends are wonderful. I love you guys.
Oh happy days :)

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