Sunday, December 30

Goodbye another year

And now we reach the end of another year. How priorities change.
The year in a word: full.

Full time work
Full days
Full weekends
Full belly
Fully tired...

But manageable and not unbearably stressful. So overall another good year.

Blogging has noticeably became a low priority and enthusiam had dwindled a lot with the deterioration of my camera. It was a most odd and unpleasant feeling thinking that I couldnt be bothered to take pics of my meringues that were oh-so-cute.

But with the generousity of John, a spark came back. Say hello to Mr New Camera that turns on in an instant, fits nicely in my bag ready to go everywhere, takes a good macro and just plain works good. (Canon Ixus70)
Oh happy days. 66 photos were taken on it's first day of birth from the box on Christmas day, just because it could :) Still have to figure out the settings a bit better.

Quick December goings on:

Home Bake. Oh the fun, Josh Pyke was the highlight

Bible study group's end of year picnic at Blues Point Reserve

Devouring slippery oysters. Though not a big fan I tried it again. This time it actually tasted ok.

Tried African at Newtown. Hmm new flavours in the mouth, interesting.

Had lots of fun but tired hands from balloonmaking at Carols at church

Surprisingly I didnt overeat on Christmas and Boxing Day. What family fun.
Salads (note, Irene's beloved Casear salad)
And finally taking mum out to the city for a wander.

Funky Rocks Markets-ware.

Oily lunch at Chinatown. I was surprised by the different flavour/spices added. Now I know for next time, northern Chinese dishes might not be the Chinese I am expecting.
Finishing off with a stop by the Fish Markets.

Bugs are quite unusual looking.

Look at that noggin

We bought a whole salmon for $14.99/kg. Golly it was big. And tasty. The whole time mum and John were prepping it up, I had the Salmon Dancesong by The Chemical Brothers in my head, thanks to John. I'll never be able to eat salmon again without hearing it.

That's all. Here we going into another year soon. I suspect it will be full again, perhaps with new exciting and happy experiences ;) Hmm...let's see.
Cheerio to you.

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chocolatesuze said...

hehe noggin! new camera looks sexy happy new year dude!