Saturday, November 24

Fish, Ribs, Sea

Off to the Fish Markets for the first time to hang out with uni ppl. Surprisingly it didnt smell overwhelmingly fishy. Thanks for sharing Nat, Joke & Audz but I'm pretty certain now that I'm not a fan of oysters.
Salmon & Prawn kebab

Ribs & Rumps at Gordon for other John's b'day. It wasnt as far to drive to as I had thought. Thanks for excellent directing Suze. While everyone was getting there kilo-loads of meat, I got....

and Side of Mixed Vegetables. I wasnt hungry! They were coated in butter anyway, so they werent as wholesome as they look. I liked how people's meat came on a chopping board as a plate though. Nice wooden seated toilets too.

And last weekend we went off to Bondi - Tamarama for Sculpture by the Sea. These were fantastic!

A Snow Pea Tree! Yeah!!
Lemon Tree. Hehe posersVoluptuous Lady
Ant attack
Heh heh, he's taking a dump

Cool fishy
That spoon can fit in a mighty lot of ice-cream

We had lunch ate a quaint looking cafe that we had passed by last time we were in Bondi with all the yummy looking cakes and pastries in the shop window. But boy was it busy. Ordering wasnt too bad but they must have lost out the order, it took over ~45mins. Ah well, these things happen, the lady was nice enough about it and I'd still go back again. By the time we had got our food we were pretty hungry, so much so that there as no time for photos. It was a straight *gobble gobble gobble*

I got really excited at work on Thursday. REALLY excited. Why you ask? Cos I got to decorate not only one birthday cake, but 3! So others were testing cocoa powder and it also happened to be one of their birthday's, so I was enlisted to help. It wasnt really anything fancy, just strawberries and cream, but it was sooo good to use a piping bag again and do something of the caking sort. It's beeen ages. I admit did look a bit obsessive.

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chocolatesuze said...

heh yeah the ribs and rumps toilets! i was gonna discuss them with ya! did you see the crazy paintings on the door? very scary...