Saturday, November 3

Food & Wine Festival

Hooray for good days! And I mean really good days when you just feel so content and happy for the whole 24hrs. A few Saturday's ago was one of those rare days.

We headed to Hyde Park for the Food and Wine Festival in Hyde Park, and oh the goodies that lay before us. So many stalls, each with their own yum. It was hard work trying to decide what to have for lunch. While squishing past people, you'd peer into their plate and try to figure out the direction they had come from.

I got a fantastic salad from an Indian shop from Edgecliff. It was the chickpeas that caught my eye, and I was certainly satisfied. It also had tandoori chicken and mango. MMm.
John got a Thai prawn salad, tasty also

After this it was over to a cooking demo in the Rocks, then to The Renaissance, a quaint little french cafe, for arvo tea.

It' was quite an odd feeling, but I felt like eggs and toast for breakfast. So that's what we made. Mm mm dense rye bread.I think this was from the next Sunday. Me trying to be fancy cooking after being inspired by the cooking demo and seeing sesame crusted fish. Interesting. I'd cook it again.

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hee asparagus!! mmm