Thursday, October 25


Let's see what goings-on my camera has to tell today...
My brother's birthday where I prepared Vol-au-vents, Salmon on sweet potato mash and topped with aspargus wrapped with bacon. I thought we had orange sweet potato but it was purple. Doh, wrong texture.
Followed by a Layered jelly berry birthday cake

A few weekends later there was also a trip to Strathfield for the International Food Festival at the plaza.

Woo. What skill. The chef guy made a rose out a potato, which I got. Really clever. I think the fish was made out of sweet potato, or pumpkin.

Mmm cakey.

Mmm pancakey. I havent actually tried one of these, but they look good. And funkily made.

Lunch at Saigon Bowl for pork with vermicelli and lettuce.

When I first got it I had my usual reaction, regret and disappointment. Another dish with unexpected friedness. But I got over myself and while playing Musical plates, I actually enjoyed it, after pawning off most of the pork. Other plates going round were Pad Thai and some egg noodle dish. Tasty.

And the next weekend a 3 in 1 birthday dinner at Casa Di Nico on King St Wharf in the city. I got a giant Ricotta & cherry tomato calzone which I mistakeningly imagined it to have more chunky fillings. Beware the goat's cheese that is used in many of their dishes (not this one), that's if you dont like goat's cheese.

Other journalistic mentionings:

- I drove all the way to Kogarah, then to the city, then back home again WITHOUT getting lost once. Though I did pull over once, thinking that I was lost when I was actually on the right road. I was very pleased with myself.

- Ghost tour around The Rocks. Interesting but not necessarily my cup of tea. Cool gorey stories of people getting hacked to pieces though :P

- The Belgian Beer Cafe has pink beer! Pink! Least I think it was beer. Had tasty soup & mussels too.

- Went on a most pleasant trip to Windsor for the Sunday markets and lunch. Good service at the little cafe next to fish & chip shop I must say.

That's pretty much October through. And I've managed ok at work without my direct boss. Phew!

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