Monday, October 1


I've had a mix of things to keep me busy and out of mischief this week. And golly it's October.

First up, very exciting, I got a request for a cake. It's been aaaages since I've done one and it's nice to get the cake thinking juices going for a little while. Unfortunately the cake wasn't as chocolately as I would like, time to try out a new recipe I think, but generally I'm happy enough with the look. And for FYI that's suppose to be a dog...not a mutant looking pig.

Saturday was a wonderful day to head off to Floriade in chilly windy Canberra. So many preeetty flowers. I loved them all and ended up taking ~80 pics of flowers.

Sand sculpture of the Australia War Memorial

I was eager to stop by the Canberra Glassworks that I'd seen on the Sydney Weekender. It was cool watching how they shaped the glass, making it from a molten hot blob to a molten hot square vase shaped blob. Really cool. Or hot rather.

I'm sure there are nice eateries in Liverpool but driving about with no cuisine preference is a little difficult for picking what to have for dinner, especially when coupled with my slow decision time. So after the quick browse I decided that I was feeling like pumpkin and so we stopped by Merrylands RSL where I got a roast dinner.
This is neither somewhere I would typically think to go nor what I would buy to eat but it did the job perfectly. I was so content, also a major highlight was the toilets. They had really funky taps AND the toilets were clean. This was noted as a highlight after visiting the ones at Hungry Jacks along the highway to Canberra. *shudder* I wonder why more people dont chosen brown ceramic this way the stains arent as obvious.

Friday was fun too as Mark and Jo went over to John's for dinner. Does anyone know how safe year-old breadcrumbs in an unsealed box would be to eat? I didnt think too particularly safe and so after unknowingly pouring it all over the mince that I was going to make canneloni with, John kindly went back off to shops to get more mince and fresh breadcrumbs. Then I over-heated the garlic bread so they were rather dry. Oh the stress of late dinners. Dessert was prepared beforehand though and luckily had no dramas.
Looks alright, but I dont think I'm a trifle person.

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