Saturday, September 15

Do you feel like CHICKEN tonight?

Mwahahah...I'm feeling a little evil.

I went to a chicken factory with work yesterday and saw the whole process. From the chicken been feathered and feeling fine (as fine as they possibly be hanging upside down on a prodcution line) to being naked and divided into sectioned pieces, ready for your dinner plate tonight.
They look at you with those helpless eyes, making you feel so guilty, next minute they are stunned unconscious, having their necks slit. And then...Ok ok, some people might be a distraught by further details but this is where your meat comes from, that's right ANIMALS, that once were ALIVE! It was really interesting, and smelly, but definitely an interesting experience. My boss was explaining how cows get done, that'd be interesting and a little more disturbing to watch too.
I'm not put off by all this although at first sight of seeing all the raw chickens took a few seconds to adjust to, but I de-sensitized quickly. I naturally have a higher preference for my veges anyway.

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