Friday, August 3

National Park & cake

I'm alive...still here anyway. Not much has been happening really.
Last Saturday John and I went to the Royal National Park towards Sutherland way. We stopped by at Bundeena, having our picnic sandwiches sitting on a rock by the water. Ah, twas lovely. Such a wonderful pretty creation we have made for us. I really do like rocks. I admire how it has taken them so many years to form and you can see their history by the their colour and form....but maybe thats just me. We also stopped by Wattamolla, it also has pretty rocks :P .

It was about arvo ice-cream time and were going to stop by Audley, but there wasnt any shops. Driving on we headed towards Cronulla...scenic....we didnt quite near to the shops. We found ourselves in Newtown...alas we didnt find parking. Arvo ice-cream time out became dinner time at home. Oh well.

Last Friday I got to take home cake. I was so happy. The cake itself was visually appealing, but that was nothing compared to the container it came in. Sure it was a plain, but that was so good about it. The dome lid created posh protection and the strong plastic base ensured it carried every crumb of goodness securely. As I carried my treasure on the bus home and walked past the people at the station, I saw their eyes instantly covet the cake. They were as transparent as the plastic.

Again I obsess. Cake base: had good soft yet firm crumb, mousse: a little too firm for my liking, profiterole: I have more of an appreciation for the making of them than of the taste.

The photo doesnt do the container nor the cake justice (aside from the fact that it has been hacked at), but both were positively good.

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