Thursday, July 19

The Porkers

Off to the Annandale it was, last Saturday night. Thought I'd try something different and went to see the ska/punk type bands that were playing. That night it was The Porkers supported by Bagster and Daddy Frisco, all of which I had never heard of. Apparently The Porkers are really well known and have been around since 1987, and I could tell by all the ppl with their band shirts and knowing all the songs. Golly I didnt even know what a radio was in 87.

I liked Bagster. It was quite exciting for me when I saw the brass - trumpet and trombone. They added a cool contrast to the drumming and guitaring that was going on at the same time, and blended well for my ears.
Whereas with The Porkers, they seemed too heavy for my ears and the funky ska sounds with the trombone and saxaphone made me think 'oh no a heavy bit is coming up when they arent going to be playing'.

Overall an ok night. I was more in the mood for mellow music that whole day, but hey now I know and it's one I can cross off my list.

Work eating highlight for this week so far: Tasting 3 cakes that contained different cocoa powders.

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James said...

The porkers are awesome! Good stuff heading off to see some ska bands!! :D