Monday, August 6

My baby is here!

It's here! It's here! SO exciting!
Unfortunatly there was a miscarriage at first, but then a second came out perfectly fine.

My very own lil geetar!

Or more precisely....a ukulele.

I originally put an order in for a solid red one and was told that there was a 2 week wait. Fair enough I though, I must learn patience. I had been tempted to go for the yellow since it was in stock, but no, it had to be red. 3 weeks went by, nothing. One month on, nothing. It was terrible!

Giving up hope I thought I might as well browse elsewhere. And there my baby was, sitting there looking all shiny and pretty and better than I had imagined the previous to be, along with all it's other fine looking friends of an ungaudy green, blue and brown.

Oh I love it. Just the right size and colour for meeee.

I'm so proud of myself, I've learnt 3 chords. Pity I cant tune it properly. But ooooh I'm so excited. Kiddy songs, here I come.


chocolatesuze said...

a ukulele! hehe awsome!

James said...

haha that is awesome Amie! :) Enjoy learning it and becoming all musical... :)

amie said...

Hehe. Thankee. John got me a tuner today! Now I can playyyyy. Hoorah. So excited *dances about wildly*