Saturday, August 11

Mum's birthday

Happy Birthday to my mum. What a way to spend your birthday,
Here's what she did:
- Had breakfast at Maccas with dad,
- Did the grocery shopping,
- Washed the clothes,
- Cleaned fish.
Golly, it's sad when your day is no longer all about you, unlike oh so many years ago as a kid.

I was lucky that day and work had some left over cake, and so rather than setting out the cake and whacking on some candles as is, I turned it from this:

To this:

Ta-da. Pretty happy with the effort, the checkerboard idea wasnt even mine. Actually it's more like a quilt. Mum been working hard and just finished making another one. Clever.

Dad prepared up a feast, I was so full. And it seemed like mum actualy enjoyed herself which was good.

And now off to the Mountains, which is mum's actual gift. Should be fun, we're stopping by a chocolate shop. Mmm.

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chocolatesuze said...

tops effort on the cake! and happy bday to ur mum!