Thursday, August 23

Blue Mtns, Burger, Bread

Trekking back through the photos in my camera...

Mum's birthday trip to the Blue Mountains
Oh pretty. Went to the touristy Echo Point for a gander.

The chocolate shop had lots of pretty little look at.

Followed by lunch at The Oliphant Cafe off the main street. I have a thing for quirky eatery names, alas the actually place can be a little disappointing. It's only a little cafe, and had only one cook so it was busy. Luckily they cleverly provide a distraction for kids/adults while they await for their order.
I got a little longing for lunch.
Thought I'd give the homemade lentil burger a go. I was a bit wary with it being vego but it was actually ok, I could see the burntness but not taste it. The patty held together nicely too.

I dont think the ventilation was the best cos we call came out with that 'been cooking in a confined space" cooking smell. Not partiularly pleasant. It turns out that the fancier places that we knew existed but just couldnt find we further down the round. We saw them as we were driving away, doh. Oh well next time.

I finally satisfied my baking cravings...
and made bread. Hoorah. Pretty happy with this effort. The best one I thought was the pecan and honey roll. Nutella scroll was easy, and the apple buns were a little dry but acceptable. Feeling much better now :P

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