Sunday, September 2

Lots of eating out

Myyy goodness! What is going on?

Last week I ate out for lunch AND dinner on one day. And this week it was 2 nights in a row! That's unheard of for me. Oh well. Each meal was enjoyed , for both the food and the company.

John and I caught up friends that we hadnt seen in a while at Thai La-Ong in Newtown. It was preeetty good there. Sure the restaurant might not look the prettiest, but the food is tasty (mmm pad thai), cheap (came to a total of $35 for 4 ppl), fast and friendly. After that we waddled off to meet up with Lou and Daniel to see Bertie Blackman at Spectrum. Unfortunately (for me) it was her loud noisier songs But hey it's all for good fun, squished up like sardines, killing your ear drums and infusing yourself with odd smelling incense with good friends.

Friday was catch up with uni friends at Hyang Won Korean Restaurant at Strathfield. I cant say that i was overly excited about the food. Things tasted familar but I didnt know what it was. I got the pork soup with veges, my was it hot. I was hungry and really wanted to eat it and I could see it bubbling away, but I still was foolish and didnt wait and so burnt my lips. It was a bit too salty for me. And after fishing out all the veges and some meat, the bowl still looked full. What really stood out though was the service and how fast the food all came out. It was like whoosh there it is. The waiter very helpful, pointing out the chilli paste thing to be added to the soup if I wished because I obviously didnt know what I was doing. And he remembered all 7 dishes that we ordered without writing it down. Very good.

Thanks Jooohn, you doofus. Side veges.

Dessert time at Jumbo down the road. Oooh golly. Now there's some bonding time, communal ice-cream of varying flavours. Note to self, dont get rum and raisins again, all others were tops.
After:Heh heh. Puddles of creams (mainly rum & raisin)

Saturday it was off to Quakers Inn for a celebratory dinner because John's mum had finally paid off her house. I cant imagine what a relief that would be but after so many years of tight budgeting it'd have to be huge.

Chicken and prawn penne. Note to self, stick to tomato-based sauces. Soo creamy for me. Nice though. You can see other diners dishes being made and they all look so well presented, I was impressed. Bit of an overkill with pasrely though.

And for the second night in a row...dessert.

Banana split. I'm glad John went halvsies, so much ice-cream for my belly.

Goodness, it has been a stressful time of deciding what to order, but I remember how lucky I am to have a stress like that, with such an abundance of choice and food. Thank you God.


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