Wednesday, July 11

Fifi's, Luddenham

A date. A date! How exciting. That's what it felt like last Saturday, well I suppose it was.
John and I went out to dinner for our 6 months...3 weeks afterwards.
We were planning to go out the week before, but just as he was leaving to come to my place he got called out to work on a coffee machine, all the way at Caringbah. We were so pooped, so I tagged along for company. A dinner date at Maccas. How romantic. More specifically out in the carpark in his car, by myself.

So we finally made it to Fifi's Cafe at Enmore. Oooooh yum. Normally I think of things as 'good' and 'edible', well this was 'tops'. I'd even say that I'd go back there. They accomadate for vegetarians very well too!
We got the Omnivore Banquet. Looking at the menu a banquet seems to be the natural choice unless you have a big group or have one set dish that you like.

First up:
Tabouli, Homous, Baba Ganouge, Veges. Mm smoky homous, interesting.

In the time it takes to eat 2-3 wraps, the Vine Leaves and Kebbah Shells come out. Oh so salty, yet not overbearing.
And before you know it, the Lamb Skewers and Kafta approaches. The accompanying sauce looked like yoghurt, smelt like garlic and definitly felt and smelt like garlic in my mouth.

Ooooh sooo full. And that was only the 3 course. They offered the dessert menu, but we were going to explode and unfortunately had to deline. Next time maybe.

They had such wonderful, fast and friendly service. They even happily provided us with containers to take the left-overs home. Mm the enjoyment continues.

Though we wandered around Newtown for 2hrs, I was still so full! But dessert just had to be had. Drawn by their fantastic & delicious looking range of cakes through the window, we ended up at Mickey's....
And just got juice and a smoothie. Delicious nevertheless.

It was a wonderful evening.

Sunday brief: Off to Luddenham (apparently pronouced lud-num, and not loo-den-ham) for the monthly craft market with mum.

A very very small market with many many home-made knitted scarves.

Thomas and Friends
Scenic. Awaiting the train

On the way back we stopped by for some sweet flavoursome strawberries.
And why not add in a detour to Warragamba Dam for that educational experience that I havent had since primary school.

Cant see anything? Me neither.

And so to finish, a dessert to highlight the wonderfulness of the strawberries?

Chocolate cake.


chocolatesuze said...

aww congrats on the 6months dude!

amie said...

thanks dudde