Tuesday, July 3

Chocolate overload

I was thinking of you today Suze. No, not in any weird freaky way. But cos at work some people were testing chocolate bars. TASTE testing chocolate bars. Aero, Milk Ways, Mars, Twix, Turkish Delight, Pollywaffles, Milo bars, you name it.
I was good I managed to resist for most of it, and only had a little piece of Twix and Turkish Delight. I was trying to control myself cos I was looking forward to the chocolate mousse that I had made 3 different batches of. Mmm mousse. Still not keen on the idea of raw egg though. But mmm light chocolately mousse. And chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum.
Cous cous was tops too. Oh it was a good day in the kitchen today.

Flemington Markets was fun on Sunday too. I bought a shirt and vest for $10. Super. I tried a Spinach and Fetta gozleme for the first time. Intrigued by the name and having heard of it from various places I thought I'd give it ago. My, it was salty. I managed 2 pieces then had enough, partly cos of fullness too. Otherwise it was good. Hoorah for markets.

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chocolatesuze said...

aw im jealous mmm i havent had a milo bar in ages yumyum hehe any job vacancies you let me know!!!