Sunday, June 24

Indian, Pizza

Golly it's been a while. I just cant be bothered or there's just no time.

Things of some noteworthiness...

For my sis' b'day dinner we thought we'd give Indian a go, and so got some take-away from the Indo-Lankan place near Seven Hills station. I ordered the butter chicken, lamb curry and vegetable marsala dhosa. I had no idea what the later was. so when I went saw the giant roll of delicious smelling bread, I thought surely that's not my order. But it was.
The dinner wasnt anything fancy, just a matter of setting quality family time.

My, the lamb was spicy, quite unexpected, but tasty none-the-less. Mm butter chicken. The flat bread also had a nice filling in it, but that was so spicy too. Overall it was generally enjoyed.

Other highlights from work: cooking. Thats about it. Oh and my so regretful act of disposing a good quality plastic cake container. Grr. (that had choc mud cake Mmm). I should have taken it home. Should of, should of *hit my forehead*

Another forehead-hitting occurance, but for a different reason: driving to Castle Towers. Correction, reaching and getting into the right carpark for Castle Towers. Grrrrrr! Half an hour of going round in circles on Showground Rd or the surrounding streets is NOT my idea of fun. I made it eventually. And had lunch at GPK with Audrey and Therese. I wasnt too hungry, so ordered the mini pizzaettes.

Tandoori chicken with guacamole, and smoked salmon with black caviar and sour cream.

It's handy that they warn you in the menu that the dish is served at room temperature, otherwise I would have been a bit disappointed. Tasty enough for a snack. I dont know if caviar is meant to have a taste, but this one didnt. No dramas.

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