Friday, June 1



I had my first car accident.....

I reversed into a parked car, just across the road from home, with people in it. I bumped into the side panel bit where the indicator light is so they couldnt open their door. Silly silly accidents. That bump could have bought me a camera...

Mum bought me a plant earlier. It's those ones that grow really dense so you can use them as a hedge or shape them into funky shapes, called Lilly Pillies. I want to cut them into a pear and apple shape. Let's hope they survive and manage to grow big enough, considering the current state of Mr Basil.
(First 2 are mine)Yellow, bare and bitten. It's a tough life being under my care.


thuy said...

r u alright? Lucky it's not serious and not on the road. yeah the repairs for car are quite expensive arent they.

chocolatesuze said...

aw sorry to hear about ur car dude but the important thing is noones hurt!