Sunday, May 27

Suze 24th


Excited pre-birthday greetings were given at BlackBird Cafe on Cockle Bay Wharf, along with good times with good company.
Again I had time to look at the menu online beforehand but alas I still couldnt decide till the last minute. Oh the stress :P

Tandoori pizza
This sounded nice enough so I thought I'd give it a go. It's suppose to be served with mint yoghurt and mango chutney, I was a bit hesitant on those ingredients since I'm not really familar with them but it turned out that the yoghurt particularly minty nor yoghurty, and dig as I might I could not find any trace of the mango chutney. Hmmm. The tomatoy base didnt seem to match with it either. I could taste the chicken spices, more so when I burped after my meal than while eating. Mmm classy. The bread was the perfect thickness though.

Pork fillet with veges

Gingerbread man birthday cake.
You did a good job with it Suze. Looked and taste really good.

And my present for Suze.
It's a Naughts and Crosses bag! One you can actually play with cos I attached it with velco. Golly I was reminded why I only make bags as once-offs, it took a while to make. But I'm happy with it, hours of fun. Glad you liked it.

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chocolatesuze said...

your bag was awesome dude! i luuurve it! thanks heaps for going thru all the trouble of making it for me!