Sunday, June 3

Nepalese, Bondi to Bronte

I had a nice little catch up with school friends at The Nepalese Kitchen in Surry Hills on Crown St, on Friday. We'd passed this place a few years ago and the menu had sounded good but we didnt end up trying it out. This time it was our set destination and not only did the menu sound good but the food tasted good too.

I like the sharing and banquetish way of having dinner, there's much more community and atmosphere, especially when we were squished into a small corner under the stairs of the very small crowded restuarant. Not that it was uncomfortable, just nice and cosy.
We tried goat in curry, lamb, chickpea salad, another goat dish and a chicken something. Saby felt at home, saying that it similar to Indian cooking. All the dises were flavoursome and meat tender. I'd never tried goat before, tasty. Tasted not chicken...well it wasnt very strong flavoured...I dunno, but I'd eat it again. Golly the chickpea salad was spicy though, managable but still hot.
Hooray for weekends. I spent my last absolutely free Saturday before starting FULL-TIME WORK relaxing with John, ah lovely, it really topped off my week. Yes! I have a job, finally! Ahh. Scary.
Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day we went to Bondi Beach and walked along the coast, taking in the scenic ocean view, to Bronte Beach. The water has a fantastic blue-green colour and I was surprised that it can actually be quite entertaining watching surfers.
Our yummy take-away lunch was purchased at Bronte at the nearby shops. It not exactly what you'd commonly get as a take-away, but what would you prefer, a clear view of the beach or a road? The food came out so quick too.
BBQ tuna steak with nicoise salad
BBQ octopus with greek salad. Mm fetta

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